Term overall

IMG_6934After 2 weeks, I will finish my foundation course. There are many thing worth to talk about. Within the year, I studied Accounting, Economic 1&2, Business 1&2, Foundation English 1~3, Business Math, and IT courses. Each individual modules gave me different feeling. For example, when I studied accounting, even the teacher is strict and always asks everyone doing things perfectly. I still like this subject. It contains strong power which can attack you working hard, since you will interest to get the answer by calculation. However, when I studied math, I feel different compare with account. This subject is about more about logic. Accounting can show you magic results which make fun. Also, the economic 1 could be totally different with economic 2. One is looking for the individual affect and other is focus on whole economic.

In addition, I learned many skills during the year. I was afraid to speak in front on people, but the third term we had lots of presentations. This helps me to improve my courage. Before this practice, it is hard for me to say anything when I did my first presentation that talked about the effect was caused from different types of family structure. I just read the information which wrote already on the piece of paper and could not look classmates’ eyes. Now, I can prove my opinion clear, and try to explain them. I did some communicated with my classmates as well last time, but the body language is not enough. Other thing worth to consider is that challenges from the study. The teacher is most important part in the leaning area. Good teacher will help student understanding quickly. Unfortunately, not every teacher is good during the foundation year. It is very hard to study with a teacher who you complained with. In fact, the world will not change, even you not happy with. Therefore, you must adjust yourself and keep on hard working, because the knowledge is needed for go to University. The way I found is that leaning by self. This is not easy as hear, you may spend more time on the subject and try to understand every single word, but this is an only way at this situation. Luckily, most of our teachers are good. The English teacher gives me many advices of how to improve my English grammar which helps me a lot. Since we have different teacher each term, so the relationship with them are very short. After I leave the teacher who built good relationship with, I still get hands from them, such as I met Sara who teaches me FSE 2 at the programmer manager office. I was worry about my exam result of Business 2 and my low mark of English presentation, so try to find so way to solve them. She gives me many suggest and even said she willing gives me more idea about how to improve them. At the same time, my classmates are friendly. If you met any problem or did not understanding any lesson. They always please to help you. Before study Foundation, I thought I will go to Economic courses at the University due to I had disgusting percentage of accounting at A-level, but my accounting teacher changed my mind. She let me know that this subject can be learned by easy and quick way when you understand the key of the concept. She also gave us many practices that will help the speed during the calculation. Unsurprising, I choose Accounting and financial as my University course.

I believe that no matter the time was happy or not. In the future, a year of foundation must be a memorable moment.





Better Outlook?

  Recently, I found an interesting topic is that people believed the one who has beautiful outlook will have more chances to be successful. On the other hand, some people satire this topic. Actually,everyone wants to have perfect outlook.

  Nobody will think outlook which is not important.  Even people might jealous person who has good outlook. Though outlook is important, it can not consider as everything, our effort is also important. If the one who is just caring about his face, ignoring other factors, he does not pay attention to the inside, the beautiful face will not help him go further. On the contrary, the outlook is a gift from the god, but only we work hard to improve ourselves, can we make this gift more precious.

  We must learn that beautiful outlook provides us an easy way to be successful, but if we don’t improve ourselves, we will be kicked out any time. Also, even you do not have pretty outlook, your hard working still can be found by everyone.  



Don’ t have sadness haunt you


There is no doubt that everyone will encounter sad things in the life. However, faced with sadness, different people usually take different attitudes to treat it.

In general, these smart people make sad thing as valuable experience, regarded as an integral part of their lives. More importantly, they will never let these sad troubled himself. They will treat themselves as soon as possible, and find a new life fun. So their life always seemed so beautiful. In contrast, some of the people can not always get out of sadness. These sad memories let them all day depressed or even makes them insomnia, loss of appetite, frequent headaches. These results are not what we are willing.

As a result, we have to study from people who are smart and learn how to get out from painful memory. As an old saying goes, there are no such setbacks that we could not overcome. Keep in mind that never do you have sadness haunt yourself. Only become a strong person, you will have chance to make the things which you want coming ture.




About IT course

The reason of study IT course is that we have to learn the skill such as how to use the Microsoft Office to make a power point, record the data into Excel, and others. These skills will help me in the future work. For example, if I want doing a presentation, I have to explain my idea from the power point. Also, when there are many figure needed to compare or organized, Excel can make up it very clear. IT course could be very enjoyable. There are many quick way that can be reduced calculation time during use the Excel. In addition, created an own blog is part of the course. You can show everything you want on the internet, and share with other people. They may come from foreign country; even you will never meet them and know them. However, you still can chat with them if you want. Sometimes, we may feel bad, but can not find anyone to talk about that think about difficult to tell people who know you. In this case, you can just talk with anyone on your blog, because they will know anything come from is true or not. On the other hand, you may feel difficult to understand some process. Since the teacher only talk about the key words and main step. If you ever touch with this software, it can become hard to understand. You have to practice after the school. What’s more, we only have 2 lessons within a week, which means it is fewer opportunity to ask the teacher if you do not clear about something. If possible, I would like the teacher can show us on the board during the teaching time.




Reflect on your Foundation English classes here at Bellerbys.

 I have been study English about 4 years at the Bellerbys College in the UK. About the foundation English course is quite different compare with other 3 years. The foundation English course is more focus on the academic way, and more practical exercises. Also, it taught us a way to study at University. The reason of learn English is that understand knowledge and communicate with others. If you cannot explain your ideas or thinking, which means nobody can understand you. However, the most challenge of study this course is vocabulary. When you think you remember a word, and can use it. After few days, you will completely forget. Therefore, you have to look it every day and try to get it. On the other hand, when you found that you can watch a film in English. You feel pound of yourself. Since my first language is Chinese, so the grammar of the English is difficult to learn. I would like write more and use it correctly in the future. In addition, foundation English course has a very different part which is presentation. It is not skill of writing. This will help you to introduce your idea to your classmate and give ability to become a leader at that moment, but it is not as easy as thinking. I feel nervous when I stand up to face my classmate. I cannot speak or thinking anything. Nevertheless, our teacher always supports us who are called Sarah. She is encouraging us and gives advice. Even in the term three, she is not teaching us. When I met her, she will try to help me as much as she can. I believe that I can pass the exam and IELTS, so I will go to my firm University.




The foundation year is nearly ending, but there are some course work still waiting for us to do. I had question when we first time done the course work—what is course work? Why we have to do this. After a foundation year, I thought that I found the answer. The course work is more rely on the practical application of using the knowledge. For example, about the course work of extend essay from the FSE3, we have to do lots of research and organized different type of information. After that, we need regroup the information and use them to analysis the topic of the essay that we had chosen. In contrast, the examinations more focus on the main topic or the module that we have to control during the term. The answer of examinations as a mode, if you achieved the point, which means you can get the mark. Otherwise, you will lose it. However, both of course work and examination are important for everyone; because you have to learn the basic principle and need to understand how this knowledge can be used. When the knowledge from the book becomes yours, it means you understand it clearly.



Idea of University

The Foundation year nearly end. I think it gives me many ideas about how to choose the right course in the University.At the beginning of foundation year, I decided to study Economics course or Business management in my University life. However, the final choice of my University course is Accounting and Economics. Foundation course have to learn a lot of different subjects. In the first semester, our classes come into contact with our accounting courses which is teach by an excellent teacher.Meanwhile, we have begun to fill in the UCAS to apply the Universities. As regards, I think accountant is required by every industry and every company, regardless of the past, present or future. This indicates that the market of accountant would never disappear.Despite the fact that I might want to study economics or business, but my family reasons tells me I should prefer to choose a course which can help me in my future life. But if you want get well pay in the future, you have to pass ACCA exam which is very difficult.I stick to my choice since the money is quite important for me. Because my parents are older than others, and I am the only daughter in the family. I have a responsibility which is give them good life during their life. Also, if you don’t have money to satisfy your basic needs, how you can achieve the things you want to do? So I would like to work hard to get a well pay job. What’s more, during the study, the good results of accounting makes me gradually liked this seemingly complex and requires patience, actually very magical disciplines. I want to find more about how it can be works and gives idea to company to improve their finical problem.

  I believe that Accounting and Economics course will let me enjoy my University life very soon.

University of Southampton 

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